"the way of peace through the breath"

Proitzer Mühle
Proitzer Mühle

SUMMER SCHOOL 2015: June 27-July 4

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"To be spiritual is to be natural." –Hazrat Inayat Khan

"So long as one sees from a limited point of view, one is held in bondage by one’s breath, thoughts and emotions. Wazifas destroy the hard-making power of nufs, which in enlightened souls becomes identified with the world nufs, in other words, with the Divine Mother, the Goddess Kali. Looking at life from this point of view, one constructs the Universal Sense in one’s spiritual development. Only then can one be called a sage."
— Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

2015 programme will include:

  • Introduction to the Sufi path and to the lineage of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, Hazrat Pir Samuel L. Lewis and Hazrat Pir Murshid Moineddin Jablonski.
  • A variety of classes: for those already on the Sufi path, including Sufi guides, as well as for those exploring taking up Sufi practice.
  • Guided retreat processes using Dances of Universal Peace, meditation, Sufi zikr and wazifa (mantric practice), walking concentration, body awareness, Sufi Soulwork, Sufi healing practices, silence, poetry and Sufi stories.
  • A wonderful way to experience and share practices with the main Ruhaniat Sufi guides from Europe.
  • A beautiful venue in nature, comfortable accommodation, and healthy food catering to a variety of diets. Experience our Sufi Café atmosphere on the terrace of Proitzer Mühle.
  • Joyous community with seekers from a dozen countries and languages - eating, dancing and praying together.

Most of us live in comfortable, protected circumstances that would have been unimaginable to our ancestors. Yet within this voluntary constriction, we dream of freedom. Most of us live in civilization, yet dream of wild nature. Sometimes we feel our hearts as an inner patient needing medicine. Sometimes we feel our hearts as a magic land waiting to be explored in wonder.

The level of joy that we bring to life corresponds to our ability to reconcile these contradictions. In this search, we can experience immediate ‘insight’ and grace, as well as the unveiling of our senses to perceive the natural world and our deep relationships as windows to the divine.


Through a slow rip in the black
rolling clouds, the sun finds
an opening. Its amber shine
strikes the shadowed earth.

Grasses undulate and glow.
Gently, you are shocked by the
green electricity of spring.
This is a message for you.

Read its wordlessness. Before
you can begin, ten thousand years
have passed. The rip shifts shape,
closes—clouds darkly on the move.

--Murshid Moineddin Jablonski


Murshid Saadi and Murshid Tansen in the circle

In this year’s Summer School, we will explore—through meditation, spiritual practice, Dance, Walk, teaching and story, the ‘wisdom of the wild’ in our lineage teachings. We will draw from the work of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel Lewis, Murshida Vera Corda, Murshid Moineddin Jablonski, the classical Sufis and other great mystics of the past.

Daily classes will be offered by Ruhaniat Sufi initiators and guides from Europe: Murshid Saadi, Murshida Sophia, Murshida Baraka, Khalif Jelaluddin, Khalif Wali, Sheikha Arienne, Sheikha Alima, Sheikha Rahmana, Sheikha Rafia and Murshid Tansen (Director).

Our summer school is dedicated to the service of peace and for the benefit of all living beings. Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (1896–1971) was a mystic schooled in both Zen and Sufism, recognized as a teacher in both traditions, who felt that spirituality should be a matter of living experience, not concepts or theories. His spiritual successor, Moineddin Jablonski (1942–2001) believed that spirituality was not fully realized until fully embodied, with all elements of the personality – light and dark – included in a life of joy and compassion. Both lived and taught in the tradition of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882–1927), who brought a form of universal Sufism to the west. On this path we recognize and honour equally all the different spiritual traditions of the world.

Circle of dancers

If you wish to explore or deepen in the Sufi path, the Summer School is a great place to be. The wide variety of classes as well as the relaxed, informal atmosphere and sharing with people from many different lands is invigorating and uplifting. Here you can find depth in the practices, guidance and a company of fellow travellers with open hearts and arms ready to embrace you.

Join us. We look forward to sharing with you!

Murshid Tansen Philip O'Donohoe, Director

Classes offered in 2015

Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti (Scotland):

In the Wild Places of Wisdom:
Heart, Nature and Embodiment

"The work of the senses is to experience, to taste, smell, touch, hear, and see; but besides these senses there is the inner sense which is one sense. It is by experiencing through the different organs of the senses that this one sense becomes many senses…. In fact there is nothing in this world that does not speak. Everything and every being is continually calling out its nature, its character and its secret; and the more the inner sense is open, the more it becomes capable of hearing the voice of all things. In every person this sense exists, but for the most part, hidden, buried; and its being buried gives discomfort, for it is something which is living, the only living being there is. The idea of the 'lost word' has its secret in this." – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Dance, Walk, meditation, practice and teaching exploring the 'spell of the sensuous' in our lives, based on writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan (The Soul, Whence and Whither), Murshid Samuel Lewis (201 Suras on Breath) and Murshid Moineddin Jablonski. Plus the return of "The Story".

Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti
Class for Sufi initiators (by invitation only)

This class focuses on themes and practices for Sufi guides and initiators, including wasifa, advanced breath practice, tassawuri and attunement, fana-fi-sheikh and working with students. Lessons are drawn from the papers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel Lewis, Murshid Moineddin Jablonski and others in our lineage in response to the needs of the group.

Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen

Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen (Germany):


"Wake up children, there is no time to lose!"
Murshida Vera Corder (1913-2002)

So spoke Murshida Vera 24 years ago. She taught that without faith in yourself and the One you can't go forward. Today the importance of these words is obvious! Hearing and answering her passionate, loving call, in this class we will investigate together how we can receive and give more love; how we can find more clarity about what is really important; and how we can develop more commitment to act with more courage and faith in fulfilling the purpose of our lives. In such ways we can create a joyful, deeply meaningful life for the benefit of all human beings, especially children, for nature, for our planet earth and for inner and outer peace.

Murshida Vera's devoted over 60 years of her life to the Sufi-path. She was an early and close student of Murshid S.A.M. Her life and work can inspire and encourage us in our next steps as we recognize how important each of us is as a unique "note in the symphony of life", as Hazrat Inayat Khan put it. We will explore teachings from her writings including her parting message, Wazifas, Zikr, Prayers, Walks, Meditation, Dances, personal stories and stillness.

Murshid Tansen Philip O’Donohoe

Murshid Tansen Philip O’Donohoe (England)

Opening the Door of the Heart

Once the door of the heart is opened, we can become aware of how the finer forces of the Universe are expressing through us from moment to moment. Kashf is direct and immediate. By removing inner confusion and darkness we build our capacity for inner knowing, clarity and understanding of life. Based on the paper Kashf: Insight by Hazrat Inayat Khan with commentary by Murshid Samuel Lewis, we will be explore practices of heart and breath to help us develop a clearer sense of insight that we know we can always trust no matter what.

Insight is the direct and immediate appreciation of a situation. As we develop in and with insight, we see into life. When we see into life with direct heart-vision we find the love and the harmony and the beauty. We finds them in ourselves and express them in ourselves. We find them in others and appreciate them in others. Even in the midst of worldly tragedies we are not down-hearted. Catastrophes do not upset us. And thus we become better able to help both ourselves and the world.

Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

Murshida Baraka von Kügelgen

Murshida Baraka von Kügelgen (Germany):

Healing Class: Uniting the one to the One

"The secret of healing is to rise above the limitations of this world of variety, that one may touch, by the power of intelligence the oneness of the whole Being" (Hazrat Inayat Khan). And because "all the visible manifestation and all that is invisible can be found in the human being" we explore with the tools of Soulwork (Murshid Moineddin) different fields of conflicts and crises for Self-healing, e.g. healing of relationships, body organs, dependencies/addictions, alienation from our true nature. In addition we will perform the Absent Healing Ritual.

Sheikha Alima Stoeckel

Sheikha Alima Stoeckel (Germany):


The Dance of the Elements

Creation is woven from the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Life moves within and along with them. We will explore and experience the various dimensions of the elements from their materialized appearance (the world of phenomena) to their existence in the more refined, spiritual realms. To really claim and make use of our inheritance in this dance of creation brings us in contact with the deeper powers of life within and around us.

Khalif Hauke Jelaluddin Sturm

Khalif Hauke Jelaluddin Sturm (Germany):


Cosmic Language – The Art of Listening through the Soul

The places where we live influence us in unseen ways, as we also affect them. Every place on the earth has its own voice, its own melody – just like every living being, says Hazrat Inayat Khan. We are in constant communication with our surroundings. In "Cosmic Language" Hazrat Inayat Khan describes all of the aspects of this communication. Samuel Lewis develops things further with his insightful commentaries. How can we hear with our soul? How do we influence the world around us?

Khalif Wali & Sheikha Ariënne van der Zwan

Khalif Wali & Sheikha Ariënne van der Zwan (Germany)


Inner Peace, the Seal of our Journey

We live in a chaotic world and at present, peace seems to be further away than ever. What then is the use of praying ‘Send us the Peace’, as Inayat Khan asks us to do in his prayer Khatum? And what about SAM’s ‘Peace is Power’? In this class, we will try to find answers to these and other questions by working with Inayat Khan’s prayer Khatum and his Ryazat papers (the Githas on Esoterics) with Murshid SAM’s commentary.

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany (Germany):


Zira‘at - Guardians of the Earth

Zira'at is the path of spiritual ecology in our Sufi lineage, which does not immediately reveal its secrets. We find only a few written teachings on the subject as the wisdom of Zira‘at reveals itself through practice. Based on the nature meditations of Hazrat Inayat Khan and his aphorisms, we will work with the elements as well as including breath, walk and dance as we learn to read from the most sacred scripture of this planet which for the Sufis is the book of nature. Our classes will take place out in nature in the meadows, fields and forests, near little streams, experiencing the soul of the elements, listening to the language of nature as a divine revelation.

When we enter into the consciousness of the stars and stones, the grass and trees, the flowers and the animals they unveil their innermost secrets and teachings to us so that our inner soul-landscape will be nurtured and understood in a deeper way. With this sacred union between humanity and a soulful nature we renew our contract with the divine to be guardians of the earth, guardians of life. In this way we may become filled with respect, loyalty and deep love.

Sheikha Rahmana Dziubany

Sheikha Rafia Sieglin (Germany):


Heart – Nature – Embodiment through Sound

Awakening to our true nature, finding our own melody, our own sound. We will explore how to find the source of sound in our own hearts and how to open up for the divine sound HU. How do we feel the resonance of our voice in the heart to experience more of ourselves – as part of the Only Being. Murshid S.A.M. said, that we shouldn’t use rough tones, if soft tones are appropriate; not to speak loudly, in case a quiet word would do; not to control the voice, if full expression is needed. This class is based on the paper "Spiritual Training through Music" by Murshid S.A.M. Besides Wazifa and Zikr practices, silent and sound-meditations, the Dances of Universal Peace will support this process.

Director: Murshid Tansen Philip O'Donohoe
Assistant Director: Murshida Sophia Gita Onnen
Manager: Edmund Aziz Dixon
Organisational Director: Qadima Sabine Brandt

Proitzer Mühle in North Germany, in the hills of the nature reserve park of the Elbe river, surrounded by forests, meadows and lakes. Proitzer Mühle is an old watermill, whose history goes back to the 14th century. The buildings are on 10 hectares of grounds and have been remodeled to a high standard, with a large, wooden sprung-floor with space for 200 people to dance.

Full transport details will be sent upon registration, and there will be help and guidance for non-German speakers.

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