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Summer School is POSTPONED until 26 June - 3 July 2021

Read the letter from Murshid Saadi here

Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer in euros or in pounds. Usually, European banks do not make any charges for payments into these accounts.

We have a euro bank account (with Barclays Bank in Manchester in England) and we have a (pounds) sterling bank account. Details are below.

Payments from the Eurozone

To pay your deposit of 250 euros, please transfer money to this account:

To: Barclays Bank PLC, England:
IBAN: GB80 BARC 20 55 41 47102511
- quoting Summer School 27 June to 4 July 2020.
Money transfer costs to be paid by the participant.

Please ask your bank to quote your name on the payment.
If you are expecting to receive the early booking discount, please allow several days for your deposit to arrive before the 1 March deadline

Payments in pounds sterling

The main currency of the summer school, in which most of our costs are incurred, is euros. For pounds sterling, the exchange rate will be determined in the week of arrival at the summer school.

Payments originating from elsewhere eg Switzerland, USA, Russia

  • For Russia, please contact
  • For Switzerland, we suggest you pay in euros.
  • Please note we cannot accept payment by cash in currencies other than euros.

Finally, if a bank transfer is not convenient for you, you may pay by Paypal, as follows:

Pay online securely below using PayPal:
(After clicking the button below, you will be taken to the UK PayPal site. Once you set up a PayPal account, you do *not* need to link it to a bank account. You can simply fund purchases using your credit or debit card. The payment options available depend on your country, but always include at least Visa and Mastercard.)

The button immediately below will allow you to secure your booking for the summer school with a 250 Euro deposit.

(Note: you can also use the button on the final payment page for the balance of payment or any amount other than 250 euros as agreed when you book.)

After the registrar has confirmed your booking and accommodation, you will be emailed about 4 weeks before the Summer School to give final details and to let you know the remaining amount which is to be paid.

You can pay the balance for your stay when you arrive at the summer school. You can pay by cash with euros. For other options, please see Final Payment.

Summer School Deposit (250 Euros):


All cancellations will be charged 50 Euros. After two months before the start of the summer school, 150 Euros is non-refundable. After one month before the summer school begins, no fees are refundable.


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